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NZ Journal of Forestry
August 1999

Strategic Leadership Required For Forestry’s Future

Following on the heels of the Millennium Forestry debate, the New Zealand Journal of Forestry has focused on the issue of Leadership in its most recent edition.

Editor Dr Hugh Bigsby notes that the passing of the Forest Service and the reduction of the Government’s forestry involvement to that of policy advice had seen the demise of government and corporate leadership in the sector.

"I would view the situation somewhat differently than the industry being rudderless," Dr Bigsby said. "While a strong and focused leadership can be an effective means of creating change, it does not necessarily follow that the leadership must be centralised or dominant.

"What we see today is not a reduction in leadership, but rather the emergence of a great number of leadership fora. Rather than channelling leadership through a single organisation, it is spread throughout a number of organisations, in my mind adding depth and variety that would otherwise be stifled."

Other contributors to the debate on leadership include Peter Clark, Chief Executive Officer, of PF Olsen & Company Ltd, who states that leaders are required to have a wider view of what is now a fragmented industry.

Murray McAlonan, Group Manager, Forest Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, writes that the time is ripe for a strong professional association such as the Institute to show leadership in the sector.

Concerns about a lack of Maori and women in leadership roles are raised by Dr Margriet Theron, Dean of Forestry and Technology, Waiariki Institute of Technology.

The full list of Contents of the May edition of the New Zealand Journal of Forestry is as follows:

Defining Leadership
Readership Survey

Leadership and Responsibility are Twin Issues
"Big Picture" required by leadership to provide a wider view
The professional forester - some thoughts
Women and Maori in forestry and wood processing
Some thoughts on Millennium forestry
The management of Pinus radiata forests

Recent Events
A question of forestry policies
Forest Health sold to Forest Research
Chandler Fraser Keating celebrates two decades
Evergreen forests raises funds
Commerce Commission rules against Nelson forest deal
NEFD mapping the changing shape of planted forests
Handbook launched to expand cypress estate
Forest and Bird to challenge no rules policy
Indicative MAF log prices

Refereed Articles

  1. Coarse root system characteristics and toppling of clonal and
    seedling trees of Pinus radiata on Canterbury Plains
    (M. Gautam, D. J. Mead, C. Frampton and S. X. Chang)

  2. Chemical thinning of radiata pine (P. Maclaren, G. Baker,
    M. Dean and A. Straker)

  3. Early survival and growth of introduced forest trees in the
    Canterbury high country (N. Ledgard)

Professional Papers
Forestry communities in transition (W. McClintock and N. Taylor)

Institute News
NZIF successful in bid to obtain trade mark
George Fry (1926-1999)
Graeme Augustine Dolan (1938-1998), an appreciation

Book Reviews
Tramlines track our history

International News
Pacific North-West wood supply, environmentalism and uncertain market prospects for New Zealand
Australia’s forestry "Vision" holds challenges for New Zealand
Mixed outlook for US forest products trade
News from the Institute of Foresters of Australia
Community forestry studied

New Information
GF Plus scheme
MAF policy concerns
Global links in gene deal

Telford Rural Polytechnic
Honour for Lindsay Poole
Lincoln News
Successful employment outcomes

Forestry taxation under Labour
Certification in New Zealand

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