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Australian Forest Industry Data


From the "Down-Under" continent a special subscription service, providing a quarterly package of detailed statistics, long range forecasts and summary information. Trade and Media Services Ltd, brings to subscribers statistics on the Australian forestry sector.


TMS is able to make available a review of the statistics and the full set of data in a special package for subscribers.

Included are detailed figures on consumption, production, imports and exports of all Australian forestry products.

This package is available on a quarterly basis.

December 98 update

Long-term projections are a new feature in the latest edition of the Australian Forest Industry Data. The current edition of the AFID provides the quarterly statistics for the three months to 31 December 1998, as well as long-term trends.

Examples of Key Data for the December 1998 Quarter are as follows:


A slow up in consumption became apparent in the December quarter of 1998 compared to the September quarter. A 10 per cent drop in the consumption of total lumber reflected quite a dip as the year ended.

The panels and boards sector showed a similar trend, with MDF consumption dropping by 17 per cent in the December quarter, while particleboard consumption also fell. The consumption of plywood remained static, however.


Production reflected the consumption trend, with the total production of lumber down by just over 9 per cent in the December quarter 1998 compared to the September quarter.


The value of total imports of wood products into Australia fell by nearly 6 per cent to A$721.7 million in the December quarter compared to the September quarter. The value of imports for the calendar was $2,852 million compared to $2,562 million for the calendar year 1997.


After falling in the September quarter, the value of forest products exports rose by 18 per cent in the December quarter reaching $318.7 million. Total forest products exports for the 1998 calendar year were $1,188 million compared to the $1,199 million of 1997.


In our long-term trend series, consumption grew throughout the calendar year in spite of the impact of the Asian economic crisis. Production overall is also up throughout the calendar 1998 year, although the 4 per cent increase in lumber production would tend to indicate the rise has been balanced out by mill closures.

Projections are made on the basis of our historical trend information. For example, sawnwood production is expected to rise sharply 1999 and 2020, while an even steeper increase is expected in the production of panels and boards. The paper and packaging sector is similarly expected to increase production.

Full details, including 70 plus pages of statistics are available in the December Quarter 1998 Australian Forest Industry Data. Subscription inquiries to Trade and Media Services Ltd, or please open the pdf file attached.

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