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Forestry: People and Places
Dennis Richardson


Publisher’s Note

booksf1_small.jpg (6431 bytes)When I first had contact with Dennis Richardson, I was a reporter and he was already an eminent expert in the world of forestry. However, I quickly recognised that Dennis was that somewhat unusual creature in the world of forestry science - his erudite use of the English language made him stand out in the sea of turgidity which otherwise typifies much academic writing. It is now more than 20 years on and Dennis remains one of the most readable writers I have had the pleasure to meet.

The following is a collection of writings covering much of Dennis’ long career. Included are articles published in magazines for general readership, articles for scientific journals, and specially prepared papers for delivery at meetings. Included is some previously unpublished material.

The variety of the publications and other outlets for Dennis’ work has been huge by the standard of a professional writer let alone one of the leading advisers on forest policy not only in New Zealand, but also in Asia and elsewhere. Given another time and place, Dennis may have had a useful career in the writing trade - so prodigious has been his output. But, as the reader discovers throughout this book, his career has taken Dennis on many interesting twists and turns, right from the days of using one of the first chainsaws through to the current debate about forestry science in the new millennium. In between, there have been the many interesting people and places Dennis has encountered and the food he has discovered.

We should note that given the wide range of outlets for the original work, there are some style differences apparent in those pieces published here. We have endeavoured, where possible, to standardise aspects of the collected writings but we have tried to avoid homogenising what is a diverse body of work.

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