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Let us open the way for the Forest Products Trade between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Do you have trade inquiries regarding Southern Hemisphere forest products?

Are you trying to make a connection with foresters, producers and suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere?

Trade and Media Services Limited can offer advice and assistance in making important connections with the dynamic countries of the South.

As well, we publish our own reports and directories.

Reports and directories published recently by Trade and Media Services Limited include the following:

The Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Yearbook.

This provides readers with 200 pages of In-Depth analysis and statistics of the Key Industry sectors across the Southern Hemisphere.

Countries covered include Chile - New Zealand - Australia - South Africa.
Along with Southern Brazil - Uruguay and Argentina.
Activities of the main companies and agencies in each country are reviewed on an Industry basis.

The chapter headings, the Yearbook covers include:

Wood flows;
Pulp and Paper;
Solid Wood manufacturing;
Panels and Boards;

Price: US$420.00

A Directory of the Wood Based Panels and Boards Manufacturers of the Southern Hemisphere.

More than 70 pages, including an Overview of the sector, country-by-country review and a Directory of panels and boards manufacturers.

Price US$120.00.

The Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Limited - An Independent Review.

The New Zealand Government is selling the Forestry Corporation, owners of 188,000 hectares of plantation grown Radiata pine.

The Review comprises more than 70 pages and 30 figures , with illustrations.

This is an independent, multi-client study of the company, its plantations, operations and financial performance.

Price US$275.00.

Fletcher Challenge Forests - A New International Solid Wood Giant.

This is an Independent Review of a new force in the global market for high value wood fibre products.

The Review details the purchase of the New Zealand Government's Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Limited.

By a consortium led by Fletcher Challenge Ltd. , which included a Chinese Government agency.

It outlines the impact the new international solid wood player will have on regional and international markets, as well as assessing future opportunities.

Comprising more than 60 pages and 30 figures , along with illustrations.

Price US$275.00.


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