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A new Guide to Forestry Investment in Australia and New Zealand has been launched to help provide investors with a benchmark on which to measure investments in the sector.

The Editor of the first ever Guide to Forestry Investment in Australia and New Zealand says he decided to write the Guide after spending years fielding questions about whether forestry was a good investment. Mike Smith is director of Trade and Media Services Limited, a Rotorua company that researches, writes and publishes information on forestry in Southern Hemisphere countries.

Although there is a lot of information on forestry and forest products in the public domain, Mike Smith says he believes the Guide is the first time a review focusing specifically on investment in forestry, has been published. He says this is important because the public and investors are increasingly being asked for funds to help build forestry in both Australia and New Zealand.

“We hope our Guide will help provide investors with a benchmark for measuring forestry risk and opportunities in the plantation forestry sector,” said Mike Smith. “Investment in the sector in both countries has expanded rapidly and for some time we have been aware of the need for a way of measuring the numerous types of investment vehicles available.

“We believe our Guide to Forestry Investment in Australia and New Zealand provides investors, analysts, advisors and researchers with the background information vital to making informed decisions regarding this sector,” said Mike Smith

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