We have some exciting services especially developed for the Forestry Industry in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of these are new ventures some are tried and trusted. Either way Southern Hemisphere Forestry will help give you the edge that you need.

Media Services: Whether it’s writing about business or writing for business, Business Media Services provides a range of technical writing and editing, strategic advice, and media services. Special contract publishing opportunities are available.

Media Services publish the New Zealand Journal of Forestry on behalf of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry

New opportunities offered by Media Services include:

* The Online Marketplace:  Do you have product or machines to sell or buy? Use our extensive client base to help your cashflow
* Online Forestry Expo Announce your company or service to the world through our website.
* For Employment  Looking for a Job?  Looking for a new employee? Try here
* For Education: Some sites to learn from
* For Fun  Some virtual places for fun

Other services arriving shortly are:

* For Translation Services
* For E-business Solutions